Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome to USINPAC 2008 by Sanjay Puri

I would like to give a warm welcome to all of you to USINPAC 2008, an Internet portal dedicated to the 2008 Presidential Election and the Indian American community. USINPAC 2008 will strive to be a primary resource and tool for presidential campaigns to reach out to the community and for the community to talk about issues of importance to them. We have been working hard to bring together the latest technology and resources to make an online presence where the Indian American community can really come together talk about the election, the candidates, the issues and much more! We hope this portal will be a vital source in engaging the community on current events and issues of importance for the 2008 election. The portal will illustrate every major element of the upcoming election from campaign fundraising to candidates messages to the Indian American community. The blog will also be a great tool for individuals from all over the country to share their ideas and discuss what they would like to see in the next president. We are open to contributions from everyone and and I am sure Portal Director Varun Mehta will keep flow of information current and discussion relevant. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the portal and always appreciate your insight. Lets move forward as a community and make our voices heard!

Sanjay Puri
Chairman USINPAC

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CrimsonNCream said...

USINPAC 2008! What a great site to not only bring together the important and relevant information as well as the important personal opinions. With the newest technology at our hands, I see this as a great way for all of us to share our opinions and thoughts.

As if now, I am looking forward to using the presidential portal. For my indian ethnic generation, I believe this election is one of the more important and influential elections. Not only do I feel that my vote will have an effect nationally but, here on this site, where my concerns and thoughts will be answered and commented on.

Look forward to more