Monday, September 24, 2007

Indian Americans not doing enough for India?

So I just found this article entitled "Indian Americans can invest more in India: Vayalar Ravi" on Sify.

Ravi says "Given the profile of the Indian-American community, your investment is far short of your potential."

I think these comments are careless and insulting to our community. For Indian business to truly grow internationally they need to begin by investing more in the countries that are feeding them. There is no doubt that larger Indian companies need to step up to the plate and counteract the negative sentiment they are finding in the US. By investing in offices, creating jobs and establishing responsible global images are a few of the many steps these companies need to take to keep seeing the profits they have been thus far.

I think Mr. Ravi should address his comments to Indian industry because every day Americans would invest in India if the companies were responsible and bold proponents in everyday US business and culture.



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