Thursday, September 27, 2007

Politics Give an Identity to Young Indian-Americans

Check out this article from Hindustan Times...

A really interesting point in it is that Indian-American youth are disproportionately active in US politics. For example, it’s hard to find a member of Congress who doesn’t have a South-Asian staff member. USINPAC 2008 Web Director Varun Mehta is also quoted in the article talking about the amount of volunteering for campaigns by Indian-Americans.

How active do you think India-Americans are? Are they disproportionately more active than other ethnic groups? Tell us what you think!

Anay Shah

Blog Editor

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Kelef said...

Indian Americans are now really starting to make a big impact at all levels of the political process - fundraising, staffers, elected official, volunteers. Just a few years ago, I don't think most Indian American parents would have been pleased to see their sons and daughters taking entry level Congressional staff jobs or entering the political arena. That's really changing. Fundraising is increasing, and very importantly the community is starting to assert itself on issues. The community's role in the US India nuclear deal is great example. A few years ago, that simply would not have happened.