Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Nuclear Deal Broken? Part II: Hope Remains

The Times of India just recently reported that the US has not given up hope. It seems that President Bush has expressed that he still has faith in PM Singh in getting the opposition on board and although it would be better sooner rather than later, it is more important that it just gets done!

"It's up to the Government of India to talk about their efforts. Again, I think we're going to continue to work on our part and we assume they're going to continue to work on theirs and it'll be done in a time that is appropriate for both sides," Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey told reporters after the two leaders spoke over phone.

That is great news for the Indian side showing the importance of India in future of US foreign policy.

As developments break we will keep you posted but word has come that the next major developments will be October 22nd.



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Anonymous said...

this is getting silly.. do they understand what will happen to US relations if they don't accept the deal. India has proved their point about being "independent" now its time to move on