Monday, October 15, 2007

Fred Thompson Hires Mr. Macaca

I just saw this interesting blog post that our Macaca friend, George Allen, is back into the political world as Fred Thompsons National Campaign Co-Chair. Mr. Thompson have you not been keeping up with the world again? Recently Fred was quoted as saying

"I’m afraid that the Soviet Union & China are not ever going to do anything that’s going to hurt them that badly but we need to ratchet those up if at all possible." Link to transcript

Mr. Thompson also couldn't recall details about the Teri Schaivo case which really was on every tv channel, even cutting into reruns of Law & Order! This is a great way to start off a candidacy by picking Mr. Macaca himself as your national campaign co-chair. George Allen LOST his senate seat going from a presidential hopeful to a political zero due to the comments he had said to a Young Indian American, working for his opponents campaign. (watch a video of the event below!)

The community has not forgotten Mr. Thompson and if you keep this up you too will be around just like the Soviet Union.

Jay Shah


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of quesitons about the Thompson campaign and I am also not sure what is record is on issues of concern to the community. As for Senator Allen, the truth is that he always had a great record on these issues. For example, he was a great champion of the now-endangered Nuke deal. I do not suggest we forget his comments, but I do posit that at some point we should be willing to forgive.

Anonymous said...

Sen Thompson should know better than recruiting an alienating figure to his campaign. I wasn't planning on voting for him, now I don't even want to think of him!

junkie said...

Good one Mr. Thompson...Good one