Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Clinton Raises More than Obama

In past months recent polls have put Hillary Clinton way past Barack Obama in almost all rankings. The argument always has been though that Obama is outraising her with more grassroots support. Well it seems as though the Clinton Campaign took that to heart and decided to do something about it.

Third quarter numbers are out and the winner is (drum roll please)....

Hillary Clinton raising over $27 million from over 100,000 donors. Although all numbers aren't final Obama's camp has announced about a $20 million intake with about 93,000 donors. Critics like to say that Clinton is being funded by the machine but the numbers make me question that argument.

I am interested to see if Obama actually has raised more and they were just being deceptive or if in this round the camp truly lost to the Clintons.


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junkie said...

This shows that Hillary has the grassroots support she needs to win the election...she is best for Indian Americans!