Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Only Christians Can Be Presidents?

It seems as though John McCain has slipped up to say that he thinks essentially only Christians Can be President. This occured in an interview with a website known as BeliefNet which actually has Presidential Candidates "God-O-Meter" where John McCain ranks the MOST GOD FRIENDLY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE after his video interview stating he would be uncomfortable with a Muslim president.

CNN reports that Muslims and Christians alike are disappointed with these comments where McCain has come out to apologize. I think this shows how out of touch John McCain and the Republican Party is with the American people. A few days back Sanjay Puri had a great piece (Someone Hire the Republicans a Demographic Statistician) which shows how influential the groups the Republicans seem to be ignoring really are.

The question I want to ask is do Republicans ACTUALLY BELIEVE this garbage they spin or are they just trying to win an election from the typical "republican base". The Indian American community has seen little to no traction from the Republican Candidates in responding to community requests. The only candidate who has made an effort so far has been Mitt Romney and you can see his message to the community in the Candidates Message Section.

Jay Shah

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