Monday, December 3, 2007

Poll: Obama, Huckabee take lead in Iowa

Obama, Huckabee on upswing in Iowa
Obama, Huckabee on upswing in Iowa

Republican, Democratic races still a dogfight as 2008 caucuses near

Would an Obama victory mean a generational shift in the political activism of the Indian American Community?

The Democrats within the Indian American community have supported the campaign of Sen. Clinton in overwhelming numbers, the support that Sen. Obama has received has predominantly been from the 2nd generation of the Indian American community. If Sen. Obama would end up winning it would mean a generational shift iwithin the Indian American community since the 2nd generation would have come on its ownn by being very active in the campaign and also providng contributions to his campaign. Today the 2nd generation of Indian Americans who are professionals like lawyers, accountants, venture capitalists and others have the desire and the means to be politically active and understand the political system!.