Monday, December 3, 2007

Republican You Tube Debate Harbours Immigrant Bashing

As we discussed in our last post about the you tube debate immigration is becoming a huge talking point among Republican candidates and the debate showed a lot of interesting points against Immigration which hade a wide range but at large can be considered immigrant bashing.

How do Indian American Republicans feel about the Immigrant bashing by the Republican Presidential Candidates?

During the 2004 Election President Bush had several Rangers and Pioneers who supported him. How do Dr. Zach Zachariah, Dr. Raghavendra Vijaynagar and others feel about the current crop of Republican candidates who cannot outdo themselves in bashing Immigrants? Are they going to raise funds for the Guliani's, Romney's, Thomsons, Huckabee's or are they going to take a pass on this one?

We have been looking to the IARC for a response but the site has not been updated for almost 2 years now!

I hear crickets churping...

Varun Mehta

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