Monday, December 3, 2007

USINPAC Hosts Fundraiser with Generation Obama

Generation Obama is a grassroots group consisting of Young Professionals and was founded in Boston. Last night was the first major event featuring Senator Obama himself where we hosted a fundraiser for the Senator at a local Boston Lounge, Venu. The event went great raising over $50,000 for the Senators campaign as less than 3 weeks remain till the first Iowa Caucus. The event was sold out with about 400 young professionals from the Boston Area. USINPAC was able to get young Indian Professionals, entrepreneurs and students to come out to this event where Senator Obama talked about the Politics of Change and how important it is for the young people to get engaged and go to NH to help canvass.

Senator Obama also mentioned that the stances on the Energy Policy where due to his "cousin", Dick Cheney and joked about how the campaign tried to keep this information out of public eye for sometime. This event went great! Indian American Young Professionals were at bay to here the message from Senator Obama himself in an exciting setting.

There are several news reports about such events happening all over the country in todays LA Times, check it out!



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